My last night for this year.

I decide to do the 2 sessions in Coili’s tonight. The first is with Ger Clancy (fiddle) and Mary Shannon (banjo). The second is with Johnny O’Halloran (box) Liz (fiddle & concertina) and Kevin Whelan (banjo).

Rob, Mary, Daniel, Aisling and Miriam call in to watch. Great fun!

GEr Clancy, Mary Shannon & Gregor Moroz

It’s the bittersweet time for a traveller: sad to leave but happy to go home. I am making the most of my time. The 2 sessions were quite different; in the first I knew barely any tunes and in the second I knew most everyone. They are all on the Olympus recorder so I can listen at home and remember the great sessions of 2016: my musical postcard!


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