Day 20 – Galway City

Left Roscommon & headed towards Galway. Stopped in Athenry for a visit with John & Mary O’Connor. There was loads of food & Their daughter, Julianna, & her daughters, Bloween & Murren. We had music by the fire where I played the fiddl and Bloween played the drum (a biscuit tin & a wooden spoon). Then to Renmore which is really touching Galway city to see the Fuller/ Byrne family. We have a tradition where I teach the children some tunes. This year I taught Daniel & Sarah ‘The Wind that Shakes the Barley’ & ‘Sally Gardens’. But in a nice twist Sarah, now 16, taught me a tune; The Boys of Knock.

Now, Saturday night Session at Tig Coili’s (the link is not my session but you get the feel). Connor  on box, his wife Maureen on fiddle (the have 8 mo. old twin boys!) Jakub on guitar and Barry Brady on box. The tunes were flying and the place was packed. My Chicago Blackhawks jersey also got a lot of attention. Wearing a hockey jersey is a great way to meet Canadians, we always take the bait. I was a bit disappointed when they played the Buck at 12:10 and they were done. But then an English lad sat down and open up his fiddle and then Maureen Browne sat down and grabbed a fiddle. “I know Edmonton” she says, ” I played there last summer with the Alan Kelly Gang at the Edmonton Folk Music Festival.” so we had loads more music, hooray!

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