Watch And Listen To Jay.

Watch Jay and his daughter Georgia at Fort Edmonton September 2011.

Jay’s Myspace;

Listen to Bonnyville Backstep, original music by Jay. from his 1st CD; Waiting for the Wagons

Watch Jay playing fiddle on June Apple

Jay playing his 5-string banjo; Way Down Yonder

Jay on banjo and fiddle from his 2003 release, Borscht & Bluegrass; Julyda

An original jig by

Deep Freeze Festival January 12, 2014. Who Stole the Kishka?

Jay playing his 5-string banjo at Deep Freeze Festival 2016 (thanks to Yves Le Guével); Clinch Mountain Backstep

Jay playing his Button Accordion at Deep Freeze Festival 2016
(thanks to Yves Le Guével);


One comment on “Watch And Listen To Jay.

  1. Hi Jay

    A blast from the past for you. Here are a few links to oldies that go back to bro Larry Sieniuc (aka Dr. Oxide / Mars Crossing Band days. Tunes recorded at Homestead Studios 1980 with Larry Wanagnus

    DR. OXIDE with members of MARS CROSSING BAND
    Musicians: Dr. Oxide (lead vocals, guitar, harmonica, dulcimer)
    Jay Kuchinsky (violin)

    LOWER THAN GRAVITY (By Larry Sieniuc)

    ALWAY ON THE PHONE (By Larry Sieniuc)

    LINES ON THE MIRROR (By Kenyon/Sieniuc)

    BILL MINER (By Larry Sieniuc)

    DIFFERENT SHOES (retrospective album by Larry Sieniuc)

    Larry’s recently released new album Black & White

    Also check out Larry’s twitter @DoctorOxide

    Rob Sieniuc

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