Watch And Listen To Jay.

Watch Jay and his daughter Georgia at Fort Edmonton September 2011.

Jay’s Myspace;

Listen to Bonnyville Backstep, original music by Jay. from his 1st CD; Waiting for the Wagons

Watch Jay playing fiddle on June Apple

Jay playing his 5-string banjo; Way Down Yonder

Jay on banjo and fiddle from his 2003 release, Borscht & Bluegrass; Julyda

An original jig by

Deep Freeze Festival January 12, 2014. Who Stole the Kishka?

Jay playing his 5-string banjo at Deep Freeze Festival 2016 (thanks to Yves Le Guével); Clinch Mountain Backstep

Georgia’s Canada Day Waltz – 1994

Jay playing his Button Accordion at Deep Freeze Festival 2016
(thanks to Yves Le Guével);


2 comments on “Watch And Listen To Jay.

  1. Hi Jay,

    A colleague of mine, Sarah Eadie, recommended you as a great fiddler player in Edmonton. We are hosting our 13th or 14th annual Family Day Festival at my church in NE Edmonton in February this year (Steele Heights Baptist). We usually have 900-1200 people attend the event and have fun activities for families set up. Our theme this year is Pioneer Days, and we’re looking for a fiddler to play 2 sets of 20-30 minutes. I’m wondering if you’d be interested in coming, and how much you would charge.

    Looking forward to hearing from you!

    Becky McClelland

  2. Hi Jay

    A blast from the past for you. Here are a few links to oldies that go back to bro Larry Sieniuc (aka Dr. Oxide / Mars Crossing Band days. Tunes recorded at Homestead Studios 1980 with Larry Wanagnus

    DR. OXIDE with members of MARS CROSSING BAND
    Musicians: Dr. Oxide (lead vocals, guitar, harmonica, dulcimer)
    Jay Kuchinsky (violin)

    LOWER THAN GRAVITY (By Larry Sieniuc)

    ALWAY ON THE PHONE (By Larry Sieniuc)

    LINES ON THE MIRROR (By Kenyon/Sieniuc)

    BILL MINER (By Larry Sieniuc)

    DIFFERENT SHOES (retrospective album by Larry Sieniuc)

    Larry’s recently released new album Black & White

    Also check out Larry’s twitter @DoctorOxide

    Rob Sieniuc

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