Jay Kuchinsky is an Edmonton-based musician with 44 years of playing experience . His musical journey has included collaborations with many wonderful musicians and bands, including Cowboy Pride, Goldrush Trio,  the Jay-Tones, Les Bucherons, Bill Bourne. These days he plays mostly with his band The Pure and with Guitarist/ Mandolinist Tim Rutter. 

Jay can be found playing around Edmonton at such locations as Fort Edmonton, The Edmonton River Queen (for Maritime Night, with The Pure), CFB Edmonton, Elk Island National Park and O’Byrnes Irish Pub.

* Jay is a life long student of ethnic fiddle styles and is a diploma holder from GMCC.

* Jay is well versed in many ethnic styles including: Métis, Irish, Ukrainian, Bluegrass, Gypsy and Swing.

• Jay taught the Métis Fiddle Program at Ben Calf Robe for 12 years.


• As part of his lifelong endeavour to perfect Irish style fiddling Jay has travelled to Ireland 19 times.

Do you need a fiddler for a night (or day) of music? Jay is available for bookings around the Edmonton region.

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    2 comments on “About

    1. Jay,

      You didn’t mention that you were also an avid comic book reader/collector as a kid, loved visiting your grandparents’ farm in Saskatchewan, have a wicked sense of humour, big heart and love to cycle!

      xo Cousin Andrea

    2. Always hook up with Jay when in back Edmonton. He’s part of the music scene, and he always knows the best hole-in-the-wall (…great but unknown…) eateries around E-Town.

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