From Marnie Armstrong, retired school teacher and mandolin student 14-02-18

Hi Jay,

I just wanted to thank you for being a wonderfully talented, generous and patient teacher. I’ve just attended your December 2016 school recital and I was struck by the wonderful community you’ve fostered. You’ve created a kind space for kids and adults to be themselves and express something that matters to them (and you).

Thank you for supporting Makeba, allowing her to explore and grow. Today she was nervous, as usual, and she told Hania and I that in spite of her nerves she wanted to perform because it’s how she learns to take a chance and do “hard” things. That is a lesson that will help her succeed in her life and that wasn’t going to happen without you!

The world is a better place because of who you are!

I also wish you and your family the best of the holiday season and a very happy new year!

Annand Ollivierre

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