Ireland 2024 – Entry 2

The first week has flown by! Galway City, SW Donegal for 3 nights, now back in Galway.

Met up with old friend, fiddler and fisherman Adrian Murray. Adrian had bought 2 of my CD’s and was a big fan of Georgia’s Canada Day Waltz. He had me play it at every session and it went over very well.

here’s the link (at long last- it was nowhere to be found).


Georgia’s Canada Day Waltz -1994 

For the record: there are more than 3 musicians in Galway City. But if you’re going to play at the Big 3 (Taaffe’s Tigh Coili’s and the Crane) you’ll often be playing with Johnny O’Halloran, Anders Trajberg and Declan Corey.

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