2024 Jay’s Trip to Ireland Post 1

I touched down in Dublin Wednesday at 830AM. Caught the bus to Galway and called on the Fullers in Renmore. I went that first night to Tigh Coili’s and had an amazing session led by Declan Corry (mandolin) and Geraldine (Ger) Clancy (fiddle). Talked too late to a Peruvian couple. Thursday I went into Galway (about 2KM) up College Road. I got a sim card for my phone (20 euro for 4 weeks – unlimited text, talk and 5G). Played the early session at Taaffe’s led by old friend Anders Trajberg on bos. Then I caught the end of the slightly less early session at Coili’s, again led by Ger Clancy. Waited around for the late session led by the great Johnny O’Halloran (melodeon) from Inishbofin. Getting kind of tired by now. The session scene has rebounded well after the pandemic with the same sessions at the same time with the same players. The Fullers have a holiday home in S Donegal in the town of Ardara (Arrrr-dra). Yes there are sessions. Played Friday with Peter Campbell (fiddle) whom I played with several times between 2000-2005. As well as his father (JImmy) and uncle (Vincent) who have both passed away since my last visit. Saturday night was in the wee Glen Tavern -https://www.facebook.com/theglentavern/- up the mountain 7 kms from Glenties. I have been there before and knew many of the players. They were playing distinctly Donegal tunes: mazurkas, Germans, highlands, waltzes. Week D anyone? Tonight I will find The Rusty mackerel in Teelin with one of Ireland’s best bos players, Dermott Byrne.
Here is the Newly Mown Meadow a tempo
Slánte Jay

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