Jay’s Irish Session

We will be at Tan Violin Shop
8749-53 avenue Edmonton, AB, Canada
Most Sundays. Just show up. (email to be on the invite list and to confirm we are on)
1-4 pm
The First Hour will be slower and accommodating.
Our 3 rules are
1) Keep it Irish
2) Instrumental only (no singing)
3) $5.00 entrance fee.
Come have fun!
In the interest of promoting this exciting music I have produced 3 booklets with common Irish Session Tunes.
Where possible I have transcribed them from legendary recordings to try and provide the “best” versions that are heard in pub sessions in Ireland.
Please read and memorize these tunes for maximum enjoyment.

Week A First Hour Tune Booklet

Week B First Hour Tune Booklet

Week C First Hour Tune Booklet

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