Mandolin Day Camp

I am offering my fifth annual mandolin day camp.
Details are such;
WHEN: Aug 10, 11 & 12. classes 10:am – noon daily, then break for lunch (no meals provided), then classes 2-4 pm Monday and Tuesday and 3-5 on Wednesday. After the Wednesday afternoon class there will be a potluck supper and evening Jam.
WHERE: Jay’s house 12026-94 street, Edmonton. If there are more than 5 students I will seek a bigger location.Classes are held outdoors under Jay’s covered patio – social distancing is possible.
WHY: A fun relaxed environment to expand your repertoire and learn about different ethnic music and jamming
WHAT: I will offer a class on various ehtnic musics, Harmony pieces/ Chording & Jamming.
COST: $250.00 ( I have written 4 World Music Primers for this camp. They will be available for $10 each).
Please pass on this information. Students should have a basic knowledge of the workings of the mandolin.

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