Missing Jackie Dan Jerry

I knew my return to Castleisland would be fraught with sadness. And it is. Jackie and I played music like we were together in the womb. His memory is in every seat of every pub in this town. And especially  in Flanagan’s in Brosna. Now we remember him in stories and anecdotes: and there are many! I visited  Annie O’Connor (his widow) and she is still, 2 years on, one thought away fro a teardrop. “I still expect to see him coming in from the field”. “I haven’t been back in the fields since he passed.” “I ploughed over his garden.” “He was an intelligent and generous man.” “That’s life.”

He once started playing the French waltz Bourasque and i joined in. “I’ve played that one for 50 years and you’re the first man who ever knew it.” I learned it form John Malone.

Be well Jackie. I’ll see you in my dreams.


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