Wednesday 1-11-17 Horse Fair!

It’s Fair Day!

I arrive in town from Kilkenny at 2:30 and head straight to town to catch some of the action and see the animals.

The town is packed and the bars are full and boisterous. Johnny Cahill once told me “I sell maybe 30 barrels of Guinness but on Fair Day I can sell 35!” Loads of musicians Join our Session. The poster Says “Jay, Jackie & Terrance”. Alas Jackie has to spend the day in hospital doing blood work. People know I am close to Jackie Dan Gerry O’Connor and I am often asked “How’s Jackie”, or “Tell Jackie I’m thinking of him”. I am happy to see Charlie Nelligan join us with his concertina. He one 8 All-Ireland titles as a keeper. It is so loud in the bar you can barely hear your neighbour but the combined volume of the 12 of us cuts through the din and people applaud after each set. Singing is impossible but after the first 2 hours  Timmy O’Connor hazards a song. Myself as well. Solo singers seem to get a bit of respect and the crowd quiets – just a little. After 5 hours of music it’s time to wrap it up. “See you next year” I say to everyone. Because of the early start I’m actually back with Tony by 10:30. We have time to visit and play his D tuned guitar with a slide. The first night of the trip I’m in bed by midnight.


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