In Roscommon Town

It is Friday Oct 20, 2017 and I bid adieu to Co. Sligo and Jay Kerins. I arrive at the home of Seamie & Teresa and receive an exuberant welcome from Paco & Zappy the pups. Great to catch up and Seamie is flat out with his deaconite in Elphin. Then onto Paula Kelly. Always joyful to see Paula as she runs a creche and her house is full of children. As it’ Friday many Irish Catholics observe the day of fast which basically means no red meat. She prepares the most beautiful piece of salmon. I go off to see her mother Joanie McCourt aged 87. Huge changes in Joanie in a year. If her dementia was a sapling this year it is a full grown oak. She has left her home on main street and is in the Sacred Heart Home. Recognition and response is minimal but myself and the staff elicit a few smiles with mentions of Canada and her children.

Now I am driving to Galway on the M5 motorways in a torrential deluge. Tropical storm Brian is imminent. I’m stuck behind a huge truck for miles as I hesitate to pass with my little Skoda with all the wind and spray from the truck. After the toll booth the sun comes out. I arrive in Renmore. Hello Rob & Mary! They are also eating fish:fish choder. Yum!

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