Georgia’s last day in Ireland

We awake in Renmore and after a good lie-in we head to Dunnes Stores to get the tea, cheese and Taytos for the Canadians back home. We get lost both going to the shop and returning. I’ awful at finding/ following directions and Galway is certainly not “on the grid”. Oh well, chalk it up to sight seeing and talking to locals.

Jay, Declan Corey, Shoseph, Georgia , Michael

We decide to do both sessions at Coili’s. Declan Corey, Ger Clancy and Shoseph lead the first one. There are mighty tunes played fast. We lead several sets and are asked to play some Ukrainian Kolomeykas.

One last trip to the chipper “Vinnies” For Georgia. We always get the curry chip but this time we add cheese. Can you say “Irish Poutine?”

Her bus to the Dulin airport leaves at 2:15 am. See you in Canada Georgia!

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