Dinner with Johnny and a lovely session at Cruise’s.

John Culliney has invited us for one of his famous dinners. I eat what seems like a whole chicken and a bag of spuds. Super yum!

We play some sets of John’s favourites: The Shaskeen in C/ The Girl Who broke my Heart, The Hole in the Hedge (head)/ Seamus Cooley’s/ The Kerfunken.

Hugs and kisses then we find a lovely session in a 400 year old pub -Cruise’s.

Eoin O’Neill (bouzouki) and Aoibheann (Yvonne) Queally (box) are playing a lovely Clare style session. It ends early and we chat with elderly John McMahon who takes Georgia’s address and promises to sen her a Christmas card.

It was great to play with Eoin again. He says he plays “Carpathian Waltz” from my Borscht & Bluegrass CD once a month. Thanks Eoin!

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