Saturday POK full on!

Saturday POK full on!
Session 1 is in The Crown led by Derek Hickey (box). A lovely quiet session with many young players and loads of hornpipes. Derek tells me he was in Edmonton in March with De Dannan. That would be the Alec Finn De Dannan as opposed to the Frankie Gavin De Dannan. Also at the table are Eileen De Paor (flute), Aidan Coffey (box) and John Kelly (flute).
Session 2 is at Peter Browne’s: my annual seen with Jackie Daly, Matt Cranitch and Paul de Grae. Super fun as usual with powerful rhythm, loads of Sliabh Luchra sets and Jackie’s irrepressible humour – both musically and linguistically.
Session 3 is the heated beer gardens in back of McCarthy’s with Georgia and her young crowd. Musicians include Greta Curtin (concertina), Darragh Horan (guitar), Jessie Healy (fiddle). I walk the 3 km to Tony’s. I’m almost there when Georgia and Greta pull beside me. “Put on the tea!” I yell.

McCarthy's beer gardens with Greta Curtin (concertina), Jessie Healie (fiddle)

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