Friday -Ennis to Castleisland

We are staying at the Banner Lodge in Ennis.
I am up first and after checking the local news on the WIFI (Oilers are 7-1 to start the season!!!) I call in for my continental breakfast which includes porridge (yay). The man of the house is Noel Carr who knows a lot about Irish Trad Music. He is happy to sit with me and talk about all the goings on in Ireland, Canada, Ennis and of course the reckon’ American election (I swear the campaigning has been dragging on for 5 years!). Once Georgia is sorted we hit the streets to find our friend John. I know he works in a charity shop so we start canvassing them. In the second one we ask for John and your one shopping knows immediately and gives us great directions. Hugs and kisses in the St. Vincent de Paul, a short visit and we arrange the annual meeting/ dinner that Johnny puts on for us every year. We call across the street to a hair stylist “T-Fades” operated by John’s son Tolla. It is a bustling modern barber -3 chairs full. Tolls son “rena” was born this week. Congrats!

Your man from Britanny - Johann

We actually make good time to Kerry and avoid the Bank holiday rush.
Hello Tony Halsall “how are ye?”.
Johnny Cahill Collects us at 7:00 to take us to visit his mother Ann who since last year has moved into a Lodge in Tralee. At the age of 93 she is as sharp as ever but obviously getting feeble. Georgia and I put on a mini concert and staff members appear dancing.
The first night of the Patrick O’Keeffe and we have a mighty session in Kearney’s with Sean Abeyta who is Kevin’s twin. How many musicians were at the table? 20? 30? Not sure. Henry is There with his drum and Pat O’Leary on the box. Sean drops us home at 2:00 am.


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