Tuesday in Sligo – Shoot the Crows

It took a long time to drive from the ferry to Sligo town. A long, long time. A long, long, long, long, longggggggggg time!!! The good news is that the Connemara countryside north of Cleggan is drop dead gorgeous.

Philip Duffy and Georgia

The session was at a lovely pub called “Shoot the Crows”. I was sitting between Brian Mcdonogh and Cathy Jordan of Dervish and the rhythm was mighty. Seamie O’Dowd was there playing fiddle. His two parents played fiddle and although he may be best known for his gorgeous voice and guitar and harmonica playing, he is a very good fiddler. Rick Epping, originally from California, is a fine harmonica player. As well he plays the English style concertina at the same time. Rick, Cathy and Seamie have a trio called “The Unwanted”. They do Americana music primarily. Here they are singing Angelina Baker. Other local musicians include Philip Duffy (fiddle), Dave O’Connor (guitar and singing) and Jay Kerins (Bongoes).

Elizabeth Laprelle from Virginia and her mother sang beautiful harmonies in the Appalachian style. Her performing group is known as “Anna & Elizabeth”.

Check out http://www.annaandelizabeth.com/bio.html

An altogether mighty session.

Georgia with Cathy Jordan (Strokestown Co. Roscommon)



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