No winter here!

Castleisland is not a huge place but two pubs (Browne’s & Kearney’s) host a competing session at Brownes. It is the quieter of the 2 sessions.

Of interest. My late great friend, Mike Kenny now has a festival named for him.













The usual suspects at Browne's. Tony Halsall, Dan Lynch, Mackie & Joe Lane.











Mackie comes in announcing “I am drunk” but has loads of hilarious annecdotes.

The session starts and on guitar is Robert Quinlan who lived in Vancouver for 23 years but lives home in Ireland now.  Also at the table are Joe Lane (box) and Dermott Scholard (box).

When I arrive at Kearney’s they say “We were ready to send a search party for you”.

The bar is full of people and musicians and very lively.

John McAulliffe, one of the best informed man in Ireland, comes up to me and the facts start flying.

John McAulliffe & Meself (don't take selfies Jay!)

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