Saturday Galway Style

The weather has been quite fabulous: +15 and sunny most days. Such is the case as I walk in from Renmore. I meet Sara Fuller on the path and we chat. She is in her second year of university studying occupational therapy, which apparently was pioneered in Canada. Who knew?

  • A coffee with V at his flat then he is off to walk the dogs – his own “Beauty” and Calvin’s “Cello”.V with Beauty & Cello

Session 1 was at Taaffe’s with Michael Chan (fiddle) and Gerry Whelan (banjo). Session 2 was at the Crane, also with Michael and Sean Horgan (box). In between the two sessions I walked out to Salthill and saw the beautiful full moon over Galway Bay. The photo I took would give you a toothache so here is one from the internet.Finish the night off with Curry Chips from Vinnie’s.

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