Friday Night in Galway

Had a mighty time in the Crane Bar with Mick Creehan (whistle), Pat O’Donnell (banjo), Mike (pipes), Mike (bodhran & spoons).  Rob Fuller & I walk into town from Renmore and meet up with his friend Liam.

Gerry & Christine from Switzerland are in the crowd. We often are visiting at the same time so we are busy catching up. “How is Georgia?” “Oh she arrives on Thursday.” And we leave on Tuesday.”

Walking home on Lough Atalia Road a tall cyclist pulls up beside me. “Oh you startled me”. We begin to talk. He is Al (“You can call me Al”) Bailey from Trinidad, a filmmaker.

ristine & Gerry Marti

Back to his place for a bowl of soup at 3 am. We actually have loads in common; bicycles, bike repair, music films. And he knows who Mark Messier is and cites Mark as the top man in hockey. I agree. “How could you possibly know that?” “There was a woman once. She wanted me to know important things about Canada.”

Serendipity? I’d say so.

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