All Night at Coili’s

When I called into Tig Coili’s in the afternoon to enquire who the musicians would be that night the barman told me “Paul Bradley & Declan Corey”. “Paul is living in Wicklow now” I said, “oh, no he still comes in”. It wasn’t Paul unfortunately , who is one of my favourite musicians, but Declan with Joseph O’Flahery on accordion. A nice surpris was the arrival of Jon Brindley from Lancashire who played fiddle and sang beautifully. In fact when the first session broke up it was he and I who kept it lit til the 10:00 session started.

Also Gerry Mulholland would stand on the bench and sing or compose a recitation on the spot. He had the audience enthralled.

The 10:00 session featured Declan Corey and Ger Clancey on fiddle. Great tunes coming fast and furious with loads of modern compositions. Ithought the 7 hour sessions were done after the POK festival, but apparently not.

Galway is a port city of course so I am including a picture of the docks by night.

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