Saturday – 3 sessions

First session was at the recently reopened Crown Hotel with Jonathon Roche (box) and Eileen de Poer (flute) Niamh (fiddle) Liam (fiddle). Connie O’Connell was meant to be there but he was double booked at the fiddle workshop.

Next to Browne’s for the annual session with Jackie Daly, Matt Cranitch & Paul de Graie. You could possibly have more fun than playing slides and polkas with Jackie Daly, but I’m not sure what that would be. Replete with corny jokes “that tune was ‘The Bank of Ireland’ but there’s a few notes missing”.

Lastly Jackie & I have our session in the hotel. There was already a bit of a party in the room but we joined in and played til 2:00 am. Jackie wanted to play all the new tunes. We had our Dutch friend Dick playing bodhran with us. Also Charlie Nelligan called in.

One comment on “Saturday – 3 sessions

  1. Hi Jay,
    Glad to see You are having a great time in Ireland.
    Play the Welcome to Charley tune for me next time. 🙂

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