Out the back lads, the Gards are out front!

After playing 6 hours in Kearney’s on Monday, Terrance collected me and out to Brosna for the regular Monday night. Terrance and Jackie left early but I was returning with Dick the Dutchman. We were have the most lovely tune, joined by young Patrick Moriarity on box, when the Garda rapped on the window at 2:30 am so the 20 remaining scurried out onto the street. Left my coat in the bar in the rush so had Joe Herlihy drive me out in the morning.

One comment on “Out the back lads, the Gards are out front!

  1. The Garda – having too much fun and good music in the wee hours! If fleeing the scene was not successful would we have had to pass the hat to raise bail?

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