…and on the 11th day it rained!

But we still went cycling. Joe Herlihy took me for our 3rd cycle around Kerry. We started out the same and went to Clogher but then he took me into the hill country where many walking trails have been developed. It is called “Glanageenty“. This link gives the history of the area. It is a beautiful wooded area. So we saw 3 plaques: 1) the Earl of Desmond who was beheaded by the British in 1583, and commeorated in 1983, 2) Captain Robert Monteith who was a captain bringing arms into Banna Strand, Co. Kerry in 1916. His contact wa not there and the ship was captured by the British but through many hardships and hiding he eventually made it back to his home in the USA, & 3) The Holy well, where if you watered your horse he would not thirst for the rest of the journey. Sure it was raining lightly, I suppos it was “Soft Abundant Rain”. Lots of hills and trees. As I travel around Ireland it seems to be mostly cultivated so a forest was lovely.

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