Monday October 19,2015. Good News & Bad News


Well not really. Daniel Jackie & Annie’s grandson in Dublin has a rash, possibly chicken pox, and cannot go to the caregiver so Annie catches the next train to Dublin from Farranfore. Also Terrance  can’t come to Brosna which makes me the driver so no drink for me. The good news is we can stay all night, which we do! There are people from a funeral in the pub so Noreen asks us to wait on the music. But the regular crowd is antsy and threatening to leave. Finally we start late but we also end late; 2:30 which is 2 hours later than usual. The crowd was full of singers, all directed by the Baron, Timmy O’Sullivan. Country songs are popular but there was a lovely song about Knocknagashel. I sang “Back Home Again” by John Denver which had been requested last week by a different Timmy O’Sullivan(!). It “went down a bomb.” Jackie & I played Hector the Hero to great response, espececially from Paddy from Glasgow who tried to give me the story about Hector the Hero over the great crowd noise. Apparently written by a John MacDonald from Scotland. Then we played the Auld Resting Chair to which Mary from Albany NY, whistled along.

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