Thursday in Castleisland

How many new tunes did Jackie & I work on tonight????

1. The Resting Chair

2. Hector the Hero

3. Second waltz by Shostakovich

4. Eddy Kelly’s Jig

5. Jig Gann Ainm (Bm)

6. The Beeswing Hornpipe,

7. Hornpipe from Angelina carberry – 3 parts in D

8. Crehan’s Jig

9. Bundle & Go

10. Josephine Keegan’s Reel

an so on…

Also visited many friends today, Anne Cahill, Tony Halsall, Joe & Helen Herlihy.

Anne & Tony

One comment on “Thursday in Castleisland

  1. Luv the old photo. Hard to tell from the new photo as storefronts are different but does any part of the old street/buildings still exist?

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