Day 24 – Thursday. the Road to Dingle

We woke up and visited with Dave in his lovely cottage in Tubber, Co. Clare in the Burren. The cottage was once owned by Joe Hawes a man who had been one of the leaders of a mutiny of Irish soldiers in the British army in India in the year 1920.Dave showed off his garden and green house. Then to Ennis for another legendary huge meal by John Culliney. Our plans to be on the road by 1:00 were naturally derailed and at 3:00 we were driving. No problem but it is much nicer driving in the day when it is not raingin. The road from Killarney to Dingle has to be one of the windiest you will ever see. Some of the hairpins had to be done in first gear at 5 kph.

We checked into the Hideaway hostel and got a great private room. Dinner at Murphy’s where I had been once with Georgia. I aske the barman, “the last time I was here there was a dog in the pub.” “Oh” says he, “that’s Taz, He’s gone home. Be back in the morning.” Ah Ireland, where the dogs work shifts. Sat in at the Courthouse Pub with the great Tommy O’Sullivan on guitar and Teresa Horgan on flute and vocals. Her group is The Outside Track.

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