Day 23 Wednesday – To Clare & Back

The plan was to call into John Culliney for one more visit then up to Harper’s session at Clarke’s in Crusheen. This won’t work as there is a week off school in Ireland the beginning of November and John is minding is soon to be 10 year old grandson, Keelin. We stop at Dunne’s in Ennis and buy all the tea in China, or this case Ireland. Seriously; 720 bags of Lyon’s. 320 bags of Barry’s & 160 bags of Robert’s. We call up to Tubber to Dave & Yuka then 10 or so head to the session with Colm, Davey Rogers and Anne from Killarney. Dave hosts a lovely village session every Wednesday. Loads of good tunes, pints and singing. And a warm fire. There seemed to be many Scottish tunes. Colm sang a Richard Thompson number. Then all back to the cottage at 1:30 for more visiting.

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