Missing the Ferry

It;s a sinking feeling you get when you are driving to the dock and you see the ferry 2 metres off the dock. It happened to me once in 1996 in Wales and it happened this morning. We were cutting it close but for some reason Kevin took us to the wrong dock. Doh! When we got to the right one she was gone. That was 8:15 am. Next ferry 4:00 pm so back to the cottage for some sleep then more tunes. As luck had it Kevin & I had each  other’s bows in our case so we got that sorted.

A very long drive to Castleisland and we missed the launch on Radio Kerry. I got to Kearney’s by 11:00 pm and the session was flying. Sean Abeyta, who is Kevin’s twin was leading the session so I was able to delvier the books Kevin sent. Faster than FEd-Ex!

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