Castlecoote, Co. Roscommon

We awoke in Balla and had the fry at the motel. I liked it more than Teresa did. She wouldn’t even eat her black and white pudding. Then back to Spell’s for coffee and Jersey Creams with Neil. He was instructing us on Irish terminology mostly to do with drink. “Naggin”; a small (200) mil bottle of whiskey. “Schtick”; a shot of whiskey or bourbon in your coffee.

We called into Paula Kelly in Roscommon Town. She has a day home so little children were running everywhere or coming in and out of naps. Joanie, Paula’s mother was there for her dinner.

Sessions are rare in Ros at this time of year but Liam found me one advertised in the paper at the Castlecoote Lodge, Just 7 km out of town. It was a mighty session; 4 boxes, 2 banjoes, 1 whistle, 1 concertina, 1 drum & 1 fiddle (me). And loads of singers. Often in these village sessions one man will direct traffic and get people to sing, I was pressed into service and sang “Four Strong Winds” as a Canadian song. Thanks to hosts Terry & Mary Leyden.

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