Day 5 – Cliffs of Moher

The "Cows of Moher"

There is free WIFI at the Cliffs of Moher!!!!! Wha???? Somehow this doesn’t sit with me. My third visit and it has certainly “developed”. Gone are the days when you could run up to the precipice and hang your feet over the 660 foot drop. Now there’s shops, cafes, a centre with films. It was fun and it is one of the most photographed sites in Eire.

It’s Friday evening and I head out alone to Mickey Kerin’s. Pretty quiet for a Saturday but I had a great ses

Hugh & Kevin

sion with Hugh Healey (concertina), Kevin Feticane (fiddle) and Sean Vaughan (box). Another late one; music til 2:00 and chatting til 2:30.

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