Day 8: to Berkeley to see Solas

After all those miles yesterday I kept a low profile; breakfast in the room, enjoy the outdoor pool, play some tunes & listen to Solas interviewed o KALW radio. Teresa was out checking out the Ferry Building. And just by chance she was on the same bus that Harry & Jan were boarding to come meet us at our hotel.
Off to Miss Saigon for a delicious Vietnamese meal. T & I had planned to see Solas, the great Irish-American quintet. I count 2 of the members as friends whom I met and jammed with in Ireland; Noriana Kennedy on vocals and banjo & Mick McCauley on box & vocals. What a stellar show! Great work lads! They are promoting their new CD, Shamrock City, a concept album re telling the story of Seamus’ great-great uncle who was murdered in Butte Montana in 1916. Great cd and well written. But like Kevin at the Sunday night session I am an instrumentalist and always favour tunes over songs. The tunes they did play were exceptional. At one point Jan whispered in my ear “does a band ever get better than this?” Indeed!