Day 22 – last night in Brosna

With Brian McGrath

Left Rob & Mary’s & caught the city bus to Eyre Square. I had a little job to do; buy some banjo CD’s for Jim Schiebelbein. So what are the chances? Do you have “The Cat that ate the Candle?” by Brian McGrath and the man serving you is Brian McGrath? “Are you the banjo player Brian McGrath?” “Sure there are loads of banjo players named Brian McGrath.” He was the man in question.

Next see old friend Werner Gladh (V), gypsy style fiddler. Such a rushed trip this year with only 2 days in Galway. Lucky that his girlfriend Charlene showed up so I could see her.

Need to get to Ennis to collect a flute from David Strauch but stop in Oranmore to see Corrina McGarrigle and her 2 babies. The coast road to Oranmore is absolutely beautiful. The tune that Georgia & I play the very best is “The Bucks of Oranmore” which is a traditional session last tune.

Finally arrive in Castleisland to a lovely dinner and tunes with Jackie Dan Gerry O’Connor. It will my my last time at Flannagan’s in Brosna this year, so let’s make it a great one. Terrence McQuinn collects us and we make the country drive. It was a lovely night, and of course we had to sing “Four Strong Winds” which has more or less become my theme song here… “If our good times are all gone, then I’m bound for moving on, I’ll look for you if I’m ever back this way…” Then it was good bye & we’ll see you in 11 monthes & hugs & kisses all around, some even from women!

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