Day 16 – Gort & Kinvarra

Caught up with my old friend Tony Anderson & his lovely wife Amanda. We called into the session in Kinvarra at Connolon’s pub. The players were Doreen and Ray. What was amazing was I had just watched a documentary on Johnny Doherty, the legendary Donegal fiddler, and she mentioned it and said she was the driver for the UTV film crew. She had some great stories, especially about finding Johnny Doherty in Killibegs Co. Donegal.

Be sure to watch it;

Fiddler on the Road

2 comments on “Day 16 – Gort & Kinvarra

  1. I just love those thatched roofs on the old farm houses. Supposedly one of the best roofing materials going, especially from the sustainable viewpoint.

    • They are lovely roofs but are becoming less common. the thatch I hear is now imported from Poland. One deterrent is insurance is expensive on these homes and only available from an English firm.

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