Day 12 – Patrick O’Keeffe Festival launch.

Finally the festival has arrived and it is many familiar faces to catch up with. Mary Conroy has returned to host Radio Kerry’s launch in the River Island Hotel. I get the last interview spot with Dan Herlihy and play ‘Bridgie the Weaver’ –  a slide I learned from Dan’s playing. Then off to Kearney’s Bar for a fabulous session hosted by Sean Abeyta (Kevin’s twin) who arrived fashionably late – “I fell asleep”. He has 4 children between the ages of 2 and 7 so I guess we can give him that. A woman named Frances Kennedy sang 2 incredibly funny and robust songs. Also from Dublin were Paul (banjo) and Aoife (fiddle).

One comment on “Day 12 – Patrick O’Keeffe Festival launch.

  1. Patrick O’Keeffee sounds like quite the gentleman who left a legacy for traditional irish music. Will something special be done to mark the 50th anniversary? Do you get to play in all the pubs along the trail? Sounds great and I expect many a late night with a few pints. Enjoy!

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