Day 11 – no session, loads of music.

Jackie and I spent a lot of time hanging around the farm and playing tunes new & old. There are 2 Cape Breton tunes he is mad for, plus the “bent” Patrick O’Keeffe polka as well as the House of Hamill by Ed Reavey. Annie & Margaret O’`Connor spent Wednesday night in Dublin with baby Ruth. They returned at 2:30 pm and Annie quickly got the dinner on (pan fried salmon!). Then by 5:oo she was catching the train back to Dublin to see Mary and care for young Hugh. I gave her a lift to Faranfore to catch the train. Jackie & played tunes in the evening then called down to Margaret and Jason (1 farm over) for a nightcap. The Patrick O’Keefe starts tomorrow!

Baby Ruth, born 20-June 2013

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