Day 9 – Tony’s Tuesday Night

Johnny Cahill; publican Kearney's Bar

Jackie O'Connor & John McAuliffe

Didn’t do all that much today on a very rainy day. Called into town to Buy some postcards from J.J. at Brosnan’s. Used to be nobody knew where Edmonton was; Toronto, Montreal & Vancouver yes. Now most Irish will have someone they know working in Alberta. Called in on Tony Halsall and did a repair on his banjo which Rachel had dropped in the Pub. Jackie came with me to Kearney’s for the regular weekly session. All the usual suspects were there; John McAuliffe, Jimmy Kearney, Dan Daly, Dermott Scolar, Joe. Jackie and I played some of our favourites, some by request. The Death Valley Waltz, The house of Hamill (reel), Tenessee Waltz, Planxty David, Bourasque. Now back to the house it is 2:58 am and I am watching the Oilers beat the Habs on streaming internet.Yay! Great goal Jonsie!

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