Day 8 – Driving – Canadian Style

I awoke in Inishbofin, had the porridge, the sun was shining – more or less. Kevin rang for the island bus which would come at 2:15. So a few tunes before leaving for the Centre (where Kevin does a bit of work) and catch the 4;00 ferry. I had time to play a few tunes at the Centre and the ferry was just below in plain sight. Sat outside at the back of the ferry, getting nicely wet from the spray and the rain. AA Ireland said I could drive from Cleggen to Castleisland in 3.5 hours. Ha! They don’t know Irish roads well I thought. I did make it in 4’20” with one stop for petrol in Limerick City. I asked a woman at the station for directions back onto the motor way and her concern for detail and clarity were quite impressive. I arrived at the farm and my dinner was waiting – very sweet – black pudding (yum!) bangers, homemade bread and veg. So then to Flannagan’s in Brosna. Every time we play Jackie says it was the best ever, and it was very good. Terrance, Jackie and myself were joined by Greta Curtin (concertina) and Paddy Curtin (fiddle, brother of the late Con Curtin fiddle). Less singing than usual but loads of great reels & jigs and of course slides & polkas. Jackie’s present favourite is an O’Carolan piece -Planxty David.

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