Day 5 – off to Inishbofin

Gave David a lift up to Galway city so he could get some gear from Paul Doyle. Then called in at the home of Rob Fuller & Mary Byrne where Miriam was making cupcakes. (Note to self; don’t drive through Galway City in afternoon rush hour!) Then a lovely but frantic drive through Connemara to catch the ferry in Cleggan – made with 10 minutes to the good. With this fecking cane I couldn’t carry my 3 bundles alone but Mark & Anne O’Malley from Galway City got me on & off the ferry. Kevin was not there to meet me & neither does my Meteor phone work on Bof 🙁 So what to do but have a pint. Sat next to another tourist; John Culamore from Lismore Co. Waterford. Isn’t he a music promoter and doesn’t he know loads of Canadian musicians. One pint led to 4 and the proprietor of the Day’s in couldn’t find me a lift he drove me himself the 2 km’s to Kevin Abeyta’s. Thank you Adrian Herlihy. Kevin and I stayed up til 3 catching up. Inishboffin is truly a magical and beautiful place.


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  1. Sounds like you’re having a blast! Discovered other good irish beers or is guinness still the best? In my tour of Co Kerry – things to see and do – came across the Patrick O’Keeffe festival. Scrolled through the multitude of photos going back several years and there you were! Is a pub trail like a pub crawl here?

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