Day 2 – A Gig

Jackie got a call that Radio Kerry was visiting the Day Care Centre and would he play on the program. We went Tuesday at noon and played

a set of polkas that was recorded and a set of slides that wasn’t. In Ireland a Day Care Centre is a drop in program for the elderly.

the presenter was John Hurley and the show is Kerrywide. It will air on Sunday November 10th at 21:00. In Edmonton you can listen at 14:00 on

There are some fine stories about predicting weather, keeping food cool before refrigiration and Christmas dinner. Besides us there was a  young man – O’Shea who had won the all Ireland in piping and also played a set of polkas on 3 harmonicas.

One comment on “Day 2 – A Gig

  1. I just got your message and thought it was a telemarketer, sorry about that!
    I will bring the potatoes in and answer your phone call next time for sure!

    Mom will be home all day tomorrow if you want to give her a call! Have fun!

    Love you

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