Day 19 – Roscommon Town to Ennis To Castleisland

Arrived in Ennis at 2pm to meet John Culliney who had prepared his usual huge feast and a house full of guests. Paulo, Niamh, and Annette were at the house and a roast chicken meal with all the Irish roast veg – turnip, parsnips, carrots and spuds. Then some tunes and back on the road. Bank holiday Friday meant the roads were jammed and the 3 towns below Limerick were 15-30 minutes getting through. Arrived to Jackie and Annie – more food and fun – then down to the Patrick O’Keeffe Festival launch at the River Island Hotel. Georgia and I played a set of Michael Coleman reels on radio Kerry for Danny O’Mahoney’s program. Now the man before was singing the traditional Kerry song “The Hunting of the Ram” and went on rather long.”He was after singing 20 verses, I thought he’d never stop” said Jackie. so we had to cut our set short to get the rest of the guests on before the end of the program.

We continued on to Kearney’s bar, my local here, and had a might session until late with Eilish Murphy and Jonathan Roche.

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