Day 18 – The Georgia has landed!

Do I ever get sleep in this country? 2 hours the last night in Boffin and 4 hours last night in Galway. Was up at 5:40 am to get out to Shannon and collect Georgia. and guess what – Rob was already up with a pot of Coffee(!!!). He also made me some porridge. I was worried about arriving late at the airport but Rob has the laid back Irish approach (you definitely don’t want to leave before 6am). And it was true – i got there 15 minutes before she came through the gates. So good to see her, and she had lots of stories. All the Way to Galway (the name of an Irish Polka, btw). Then through to Roscommon town. We watched the sunrise and then a beautiful fog over the land. Saw lots of friends in Roscommon town; Paula Kelly, Joannie McCourt, Seamus talbot and Teresa Nerney. Then on to Ballaghadereen for the session at Spell’s with Frank Jordan (flute aged 88) and PJ Hernan (C#/D box). Very fun – there were 12 musicians sitting around, including 2 other Canadians from Sonora Island near Vancouver (|Luke and Mairead). Well Georgia had not slept much in 48 hours so didn’t she fall asleep in the session! “You missed the Tarbolton set”. “I must’ve been tired”.

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