Day 15 – darker than the inside of a cow.

Monday 24-October-2011. Kevin is renovating his seaside cottage and typical of most irish, when I ask what I can do he replies “Nothing, You’re grand.” I grabbed a broom and started cleaning rubble, then he gave me a pail and a screen to get the styrofoam bits out of the plaster and dust. We walked to town that night to make a session – Kevin had one visitor who asked to meet at the pub and his cousin Peader, a fine singer and DADGAD guitarist was about. The presidential debate was on the TV so we watched that til 11:30 pm then played music from midnight til 3:30 am. Very fun, I Love island life. Although it was a starry night this is a very rural place with a thin windy, hilly road. Was it ever dark – took a while for my eyes to become accustomed to the darkness. Basically i could see the wet tire tracks on the road.

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