Cliff viewing and another late night on Bofin

Tuesday 25-October-2011. Kevin took me for a hike to the north side of the island. We were up there once before when I visited him in 2006. Absolutely beautiful scenery – small waterfalls, high cliffs, views of the mainland and Inishturk, a neighbouring island. Did I mention my camera is broken -grrrrrr. “Lens Error”.We had a good bit of sun for our hike.

After dinner we set up by the fire and played tunes until late. Then Kevin started making me CD’s of music i should have. One very interesting coincidence is we have a common friend in Canada: Papper. There is only one man I ever met named Papper so you either know him or you don’t. I met him on my first trip to PEI in 1980. Kevin met him in 2007 when he spent 5 monthes in Cape Breton attending CBU. Now Kevin owns a lovely fiddle made by Papper.

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  1. ah, the things one can do by the sea… ~\

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