Day 11 – Murty Rabbitt’s established 1792

Still in Galway City. Went to a huge session on Forster Street run by Sean Flannagan on box. Lovely 200 year old pub. There were some Breton folks  playing waltzes and singing in French – the one man had a version of a melodica (keyboard that you blow into) with a chromatic button accordion fingering. Michael Chan was there on fiddle as well. Also met a man named Jim Cotter who was trying to organize a festival in West Cork in honour of his ailing brother. He announced to the entire pub that all musicians who showed up would be given food and accommodation. “he must have an awfull big house” said someone. Also of interest was they were showing an NHL ice hockey match between the Philadelphia Flyers (boo- Chris Pronger) and the Washington Capitals ( Yay – Alexander Ovechkin)

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