Day 4 – Quiet session in Prendeville’s

Played last night at Prendeville’s in Castleisland. Jackie O’Connor (accordion), Charlie Nelligan (concertina) and meself. Check out Charlie at
one of the best goalkeepers ever, in Gaelic Football he now turns his attention to baking and traditional music. Jackie and I stretched out the tunes we have been playing all day. And the pints were mighty!

3 comments on “Day 4 – Quiet session in Prendeville’s

  1. Hi Jay. I grew up watching Charlie Nelligan play on the greatest gaelic football team of all time. Whatever you do, don’t ask him about that goal by Seamus Darby. It looks like you are having a mighty time. The website looks great and we look forward to more updates on your trip.

  2. Is that really Prendeville’s? It looks too big in the picture! Sounds like a mighty time, wish I was there ripping out the tunes with you and Jackie.

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